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E-Credit Express is the first and only fully patented (8909551) Electronic Lender Platform available for credit sales, loans or leases.

The Platform allows anyone who sells a product with financing to complete the transaction from start to finish in about 10 minutes -- No double entry, no changing from one system to another system, only to query another system to try and finish your deal. The Platform can also complete these transactions on any type of electronic internet ready device.

The Platform takes the customer's credit app, gives them their privacy notice for compliance and documents this fact, performs a debt-to-income ratio, valuates the collateral that will be sent to the Lender, selects the best credit tier available from the Dealer's available Lenders, lets the Dealer pick the most favorable term, displays Dealer specific backend products, has instant two-way electronic re-hash communication between the Lender and the Dealer, auto-fills all state, Dealer or Lender specific forms per transaction electronically and e-signs any and all documents. The Platform also provides the wet signature forms per state document requirements and stipulations as required and uploads these documents to a safe and secure vault for the Lender to retrieve the original Finance Instrument for Dealer funding. This decreases the time for funding and alleviates costly overnight fees.


E-Credit Express (ECE) is a Fully Patented, fully automated, online Platform that connects Dealers to over 2,500 Lenders instantly.


Cloud security at ECE is the highest priority. As an ECE customer, you will benefit from a data center and network architecture built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive clients.


ECE takes the guess work out of the latest CFPB, Federal and State regulations making certain all contracts are compliant. Contracts are documented and E-Vaulted electronically and provide real-time reporting.

Integrated with over 2,500 Lenders


ECE auto structures the deal by using a proprietary pre-screening process designed to save time, money and unnecessary steps that often costs thousands extra in processing annually. ECE analyzes debt to income ratios (DTI) prior to pulling credit.


ECE's team of experts will custom design the Platform to meet your individual Lending criteria.
These requests are evaluated on a case by case basis for an additional cost.*


This turnkey Platform takes the deal from application to completion in one Platform eliminating the need for additional and often costly steps to secure financing. ECE offers quick, easy, 24/7 decisions in five minutes or less.

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Lenders and Dealers no longer need to use multiple platforms for originating, booking, month end reports or selling their loan portfolios. The ECE Platform does all of this instantly for their clients and in compliance.

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