E-Credit Express is a fully patented, full service, completely automated, turnkey Platform. The ECE Platform is completely housed with all processes, in one system which maintains the highest Security Standards and Certifications with auto redundancy. The ECE Platform processes, filters, scores and applies any and all credit decisioning rules electronically from any credit application for virtually any credit driven sale product. ECE takes the guess work out of the latest CFPB, Federal and State regulations making certain all contracts are compliant with current laws. All contracts are documented and archived electronically and provide real-time reporting. The ECE Platform does not simply take credit applications and forward them to Lenders only to get a response back from the Lender and then forward that information to the Dealer as other aggregators do. E-Credit Express is more than a loan origination platform: It is the Lender itself in electronic form.

Easy To Use

ECE is a fully automated online comprehensive credit decisioning tool for Lenders and Dealers that's simply unique and easy to use. ECE connects you and your customers with Banks and Lenders across the country for quick and easy financing approval online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ECE automatically filters and scores customer credit, processes vehicle values, performs VIN checks and electronically signs and instantly contracts the deal simultaneously.

The Right Stuff For Lenders

The ECE Platform includes such features as: auto structure for your particular program guidelines, pre screening of applications that are void so you do not have to pay to process results needlessly, real time custom reports, built in instant two way message board communications for Lenders, Dealers and Marketing Representatives. Electronic contracting and electronic signature with no cumbersome equipment to purchase, A-D lending decisioning capabilities, tier adjustments and pre screen questions designed to suit your needs.

For The Dealers

Dealers enjoy a simple to use time-saving electronic application and contracting process allowing them more time to sell vehicles than processing and tracking down the status of the deals they are waiting to be funded on. ECE does all of this electronically for the Dealer and has a notification system built into the Platform to keep the Dealer up to date with information on their Funding packages in transit automatically.

The Right Decision

Lenders and Dealers no longer need to use multiple platforms for originating, booking, loan servicing, month end reports or selling their loan portfolios. The ECE Platform does all of this instantly for their clients and in compliance.


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